Friday, November 20, 2009

Joy Showing Her Whimsical Creations

Here I am at Artist Alley during Autumn Fest showing my
paintings. The Pink Kitchen was donated to the Festival of
Trees and the painting on the easel is Cate's Bedroom. I did
the painting of her bedroom from photos that her mom sent.
I really enjoy interpreting people's spaces. Cate is one of my little
budding artists.I even painted her artwork on he wall that she
did in my studio.
My paintings are done after one of my favorite artist Henri Matisse who was known for his wonderful bright and happy combination of colors.
I love the purple couch. I wished I had it in my living room. Look at all the
animals playing and the cute little table with a pink tablecloth. Do you see the canary in the cage and the cat in the basket?
I paint series. This one is Vase and Flowers in a series of three. I enjoy painting tiny little portraits on the wall.
Here is one of my vase and Flowers. And there is another cat. It is after my own cat Marms who is also a Yellow Tabby.

Whimsical Creations by Joy

These are the paintings that can be found at Artist Alley. I create them from a simple sketch either with a photo of a particular room in mind or from my imagination. I have been influenced by the artist Henri Matisse and his wonderful color and patterns. I love doing this kind of painting because it brings a little color of happiness and reflects my joy of living. I just enjoy painting them...